4 Helpful Tips When Selling a Home with Pets

Selling a Home with Pets

Selling your home is a process. You’ve got to price it right, fix it up, market it online and offline, and hope to attract the right buyers. It can be a lot of work, even in the best circumstances. When you add pets to the mix, selling your home can become even more difficult.

If you’re wondering, “How to sell my house fast in Billings, MT with a pet?” we have answers. We’ve rounded up some of the best strategies to help you sell a home with pets.

Get a Sitter

When you have a pet around during home showings, you have to worry about cleaning pet hair off your floor every time a prospective buyer visits. Also, not everyone is comfortable around pets, so they could be turned off the property from having to interact with your pet.The easiest option is to relocate your furry friend when you have buyers inspecting your home or while you’re hosting open houses.

Check if a grandparent or neighbor can keep your four-legged friend for a while. You can also board your pet at daycare or a local kennel during the showing.

Allow Only Scheduled Showings

When it comes to selling a house with pets or young kids, scheduled showings are a must. Work with your real estate agent and ask them to give you a heads-up before dropping in with a prospective buyer. This step allows you to make alternate arrangements for your pet in advance.

Remove Stains and Odors

Smells are strongly linked to emotions and memories. Some real estate agents ask homeowners to bake a fresh batch of cookies before an open house. Irrespective of your home’s stellar features and location, spotting the litter box or getting a whiff of an accident can make prospective buyers uninterested in the house. Here are some tips for removing stains and odors:

  • Get stubborn pet stains treated professionally.
  • Empty the litter box and freshen it up before a showing.
  • Open the windows to let nasty odors out.
  • Spritz a dab of essential oils to freshen things up.

When making a quick sale, you must present prospective buyers with a clean slate. Make it easy for buyers to picture themselves living in your home by keeping personal items to a minimum. Removing all signs of your pet is a part of depersonalizing. Keep your furry friend’s water and food bowls and bedding out of sight.

Repair Damages Caused by Your Pet

It’s common for dogs to gnaw on furniture and walls and scratch floors. The same goes for cats, as they are notorious for ripping holes in the upholstery, chewing wires, and peeing on carpets.

Before you list your home on the market, repair any pet-caused damage. You can even hire professional cleaners to remove all signs of destruction and restore the lost sparkle to your home.

Selling Your Home with a Pet Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging

If you don’t want to bother with the cleaning and repairing, reach out to our team. As the top-rated cash home buyers in Billings, MT, we will purchase your home as-is in any condition, even if it shows visible wear and tear due to a pet. Get in touch with our team to get a free cash offer for your home today and simplify the home selling journey.

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