5 Ways to Declutter Your Home Before a Sale

5 Ways to Declutter Your Home Before a Sale

Are you desperate to sell a house fast in Helena, MT? Your home may be perfect for you, but not for the buyers. Having your counters, shelves, and a house full of stuff can be off-putting for potential buyers. They may find it hard to picture themselves living there. So, decluttering is the first thing you should do to impress them. With the help of this article, you will finish decluttering your home in no time. Let’s get started!

1. Lists

To start decluttering, make a list for each room and estimate the time needed to declutter them. Set a time limit for every room of around three to four hours. Consider what areas will need the most attention.   

2. Essential Supplies

After preparing the list, it’s time to get started. Collect everything you need for the decluttering task, like markers, garbage bags, labels, scissors, and tape. Also, ensure you are dressed comfortably in clothes that can get dirty.

3. Sorting

Sort your belongings into five categories:

  • Expensive valuables
  • Items you need
  • Items not required now
  • Things usable for other people
  • Trash items

After you sort your items, you must decide what to do with things that fall into each category.

4. Belongings You Need

First, safeguard the valuables like jewels, expensive cutlery, art pieces, bank papers, and legal documents. Ensure that the things you need appear tidy and are stored or set out tastefully. Leave things like air purifiers, a few photos, and your furniture. If you find it hard to deal with staging your home, contact a local cash home buyer in Helena, MT, to sell it off quickly

5. Item for Storage

The next step is to take care of the items you sorted out as items not required now.

  • Put items like books and keepsakes in small boxes, and label them by the room in which they belong. 
  • Pack the glassware and other delicate items safely together. 
  • Anything you won’t need for a few months, like seasonal clothing and decorations, can go in a box.
  • Large plastic bins are the best choice for things you don’t need to retrieve daily. 
  • Keep them somewhere out of sight, like your basement or garage, or move them to temporary storage.
  • Move big things like a laundry basket and vacuum cleaner into your storeroom and keep them covered. 

6. Disposal                    

Donate the items you do not need anymore but are still in good condition. Many communities have thrift shops and non-profit organizations willing to take your belongings. Then, dispose of all the garbage and items others can’t use.

If you feel that decluttering is difficult and time-consuming, consider selling your home as-is for cash. It’s quick and easy.

At Homestead Properties, we buy houses in Helena, MT, as-is for cash. There is no need to make repairs, declutter, or stage your home. We will buy your home in any condition and close at your convenience. Reach us for a hassle-free cash home-selling experience!

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