Why Is It Harder to Market Split-Level Homes in Billings?

Why Is It Harder to Market Split-Level Homes in Billings

Although split-level homes were a mainstay of builders for many years, they are a less popular style in recent years. Modern homebuyers who don’t recognize the possibilities in these homes may find split-level homes unpleasant due to their archaic design and layouts. If you’re attempting to sell a house fast in Billings, MT, having a split-level home can be complex. But we’ll provide some tips to make the process go smoothly.

What Are Split-Level Homes?

Residences with multiple floors connected by stairs are split-level or bi-level houses. Split-level homes are great for multigenerational families since they frequently provide bedrooms on different levels.

Why Is It More Difficult to Sell Split-Level Homes?

1. Dated

The popularity of split-level homes spiked in the 1950s and 1960s and then rapidly declined. Because they are a style from that particular era, some regard split-level dwellings as dated. Additionally, it might be challenging to give them strong curb appeal and look modern.

2. Multiple Staircases

Split-level homes include multiple staircases that enable people to move from one level to another. These staircases take up a lot of room and require residents to climb them frequently. Many prospective buyers dislike this arrangement because it might make the house appear crowded and challenging to navigate for older people.

3. Lack of Natural Light

Due to their segmented (and occasionally jagged) layout, split-level dwellings frequently lack adequate natural lighting and ventilation. Most homebuyers today favor floor plans with open layouts because they have fewer walls and more and bigger windows, which let in a lot of natural light and fresh air.

4. Lack of Visual Appeal

Whether a split-level home is a standard slit, side split, rear split, or stacking split, the design is reminiscent of the disco period. Since split-level homes typically are from the 50s and 60s, the typical use of brick and earthy tones on top of the boxy shape can be seen as dated.

5. Remodeling Is Challenging

A split-level home’s floor plans make it difficult to change or expand. Some home improvements that could increase its worth might not be possible. Also, potential buyers might find this design limiting if they are looking for a home that will grow with their families.


Selling homes with split levels can be a tedious task. Thankfully, there are many different ways to update and improve the appearance. If you need to sell it quickly, consider selling your split-level home to a reputable home buyer like Homestead Properties LLC. We buy houses as-is in Billings, MT, and you won’t need to modify or renovate your split-level home. We’ll evaluate the worth of your house and determine an offer price. If you agree, the deal can be completed in as little as 30 days, letting you move as soon as you’re prepared.

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