Will a Cash Home Sale Affect My Taxes?

Will a Cash Home Sale Affect My Taxes?

In a cash home sale, the buyer pays the sale amount upfront without financing. It helps you sell your house fast in Billings, MT, but requires careful consideration of various factors, including the potential impact on your taxes. Understanding the tax implications is crucial in making informed decisions and avoiding unexpected expenses. So, let’s take … Continued

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Wyatt Johnson: Oh, hey guys. I'm Wyatt Johnson with Homestead Properties. I'm just here cleaning out a place we bought a couple days ago, and it's probably the worst one we've ever done. I mean, look at that toilet. I had to put a shirt over it because I didn't think you'd want to see…

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Speaker 1: I guess, what was it about your situation that made you consider selling your house to me, instead of just selling it the traditional way? Speaker 2: It was partly a question. Well, mainly a question of time. Speaker 1: Sure. Speaker 2: Because you had mentioned that you could do it in…