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4 Helpful Tips When Selling a Home with Pets

Selling your home is a process. You’ve got to price it right, fix it up, market it online and offline, and hope to attract the right buyers. It can be a lot of work, even in the best circumstances. When you add pets to the mix, selling your home can become even more difficult. If … Continued

The Secret to Selling a Luxury Vacation Home in Montana

The Secret to Selling a Luxury Vacation Home in Montana

Do you have a luxury property to sell in Montana? Selling luxury homes can be a lot different from selling a regular property. If you don’t price it right, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars! Here are the top three tips to help you sell a luxury home in Montana for the best … Continued

Selling Your House For Cash In Billings – Our Cash For Houses Program

How do I find out more about selling my home to Homestead Properties LLC? Fill out the short form below, or give us a call anytime at (406) 861-4229. We’ll get some basic information about your houses and within 24 hours can provide you with a no-obligation, fair-cash offer for your Billings home. If this … Continued